Investigate PDS contract : US Embassy urges government

The Embassy of the United States of America (USA) in Ghana has encouraged the administration to lead a careful criminological review into cases of extortion in regards to its agreement with Power Distribution Services (PDS).

The move, the US accepts, will help set up the full actualities encompassing the agreement.

The call was contained in an email from the Press Attache of the US Embassy in Accra, Ms Naomi Mattos, yesterday because of enquiries the Daily Graphic made in regards to the suspension of the PDS contract by the administration and its effect on the Compact II.

“The U.S. Government firmly empowers the Government of Ghana to lead an intensive scientific review into cases of misrepresentation so as to completely set up the realities of the issue.

“At exactly that point can every single applicable gathering make a straightforward and proof based choice to the greatest advantage of the residents of Ghana,” she said.

Ms Mattos included that the United States’ advantage was in a straightforward, well-run exchange that satisfied global guidelines for private division support, venture and tasks.

“The U.S. Government expects that the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA), PDS and the Government of Ghana will keep on cooperating to actualize the intense arrangements and association of the MCC smaller that have been encouraged to upgrade the unwavering quality of the nation’s capacity organize and improve the lives of a large number of Ghanaians,” Ms Mattos expressed in her email.

Ms Mattos reviewed the foundation to the agreement which has been the subject of contention since the start of the week, saying; “The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Ghana Power Compact was marked in 2014 and is a $498 million interest in the change of the nation’s vitality area through private segment cooperation and key strategy and institutional changes that will give increasingly solid and moderate capacity to the Ghanaian individuals.

The MCC Ghana Power Compact is required to profit an expected 9.7 million Ghanaians throughout the following 20 years”.

She clarified further that the Electricity Company of Ghana Ltd (ECG) concession was tied in with improving execution at Ghana’s driving force dispersion utility without changing the way that ECG was a vital advantage for the Ghanaian individuals.

“Ghanaians will proceed to claim ECG and its advantages and Ghanaian investors will hold a controlling enthusiasm for the concession program all through its life expectancy,” Ms Mattos expressed.

On July 30, 2019, the administration, through the Ministry of Information, suspended the 20-year concession of the ECG.

Ms Mattos stated: “We accept, and our accomplices in the Government of Ghana concur, that private segment investment is basic to reestablishing the money related soundness of Ghana’s vitality part. The Government of Ghana refered to “material breaks” of its concurrence with the Power Distribution Services (PDS) Ghana Limited organization as the explanation behind the suspension.”

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