(Video)This is more than a military ruling – Citizens of Navrongo to the president

According a video circulating in social media platforms,some citizens of Navrongo in the Upper east were not happy as some police and military officials seized their placards bearing anti-government messages from protesters in Navrongo during President Nana Akufo-Addo’s tour of the Upper East Region Wednesday.

Ahead of President Akufo-Addo’s visit to the Kasena Nankana Municipal Assembly, which is located few metres away from the former NDC constituency chairman’s residence, some NDC supporters lined-up the street with placards that summed up their issues with the President.

Messages such as “Mr President, stop renaming and build your own”, “Mr President, we want dams not dugout”, Mr President, where is our one million dollars?” and “NPP is a scam” were held by the protesters along the street to the assembly.

But the police and military officers were said to have been called in by the Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul, to clear the protesters from the ground on the basis that those messages were against Nana Akufo-Addo and the government.

The circulating video showed some military officers snatching the messages which were written on papers, from the protesters and tore them into pieces.

Some of the protesters were heard saying “this is more than a military rule ” while asserting their democratic rights but the officers who appeared desperate would not listen.

While some part thus the Builsa South for instance, official photos released from the Presidency showed NABCO beneficiaries parading with placards some of which read: “Thank you Nana for giving us jobs”, “Nana Addo, King of Employment”.

The NDC Deputy Communications Officer for Navrongo Central, Kelly Alagewe Babere, claimed the military and cops acting under the guidelines of Mr Nitiwul.

As indicated by the NDC, a few publications and standards of their hopefuls in the up and coming essential were expelled by individuals from the NPP preceding the President’s visit.

Be that as it may, associate to the Member of Parliament for the voting public, Clifford Achari, legitimized the activity by the security work force, clarifying the bulletins were regarded to be “against the legislature and the president”.

He showed that the dissenters were first asked by the officials to either dispose of the notices or move away by and large, which they opposed driving the officials to utilize power.

For him, the activity was fruitful and tranquil, in opposition to a previous story by certain individuals from the NDC that the nonconformists were brutalized.

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