Ghana Beyond Aid: Why not Ghana Beyond Corruption? – Dutch Ambassador asks gov’t

Netherlands’ Ambassador to Ghana, Ron Strikker has solicited the administration from Ghana to seek after a strategy of “Ghana beyond corruption”.

He said this in response to the administration’s approach of a ‘Ghana beyond aid’.

The administration of Nana Akufo-Addo declared the strategy as a target towards accomplishing self-reliance for the nation.

The policy has since caused contention with many saying that it is questionable. A report on the arrangement was consequently propelled on May Day 2019.

Sharing his musings on the strategy, Mr. Strikker said it requested that the administration channel its vitality to removing corruption.

“… your official approach is Ghana beyond aid; why not Ghana past corruption,” he asked in a TV3 viral video.

The diplomat stated, “you need a decent business atmosphere to draw in outside venture… ”

He included that “corruption is an exceptionally awful thing” and organizations endure and will remain away in the event that they feel that they will be bugged by corruption in a specific nation… “

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