Condom removal during sex should be criminalized in Ghana

Non-consensual condom evacuation or stealthing is the act of a man secretly expelling or harming a condom during sex when his sex accomplice has just assented to condom-ensured sex. This is a developing pattern in sexual connections in Ghana as well as over the world. Most nations in the west have perceived that stealthing is a finished infringement of the sexual right of people and have gone above and beyond by enactment against stealthing. To put it gruffly, stealthing is identical to assault or rape.

It is conspicuous that examination and information on stealthing in Ghana is lacking or in all honesty non-existent. Get the job done to say that stealthing contributes extraordinarily in the rate of unintended pregnancies and STI cases. Ghana as a nation is thinking about its populace arrangement target of controlling its populace development rate. Unmistakably stealthing holds the capacity to undermine the fantasy about accomplishing a low populace development shots through unintended pregnancies.

The legitimate part of stealthing involves incredible centrality. It is troubling that the criminal code (Act 30) appears to either be unaware or dull similarly as the criminal idea of stealthing is concerned. Ghana being a male centric culture makes ladies defenseless against the rate of stealthing. The main defensive instrument the state can and should offer in shielding ladies from the detestable, unfeeling outcomes of stealthing is revising the criminal code to mirror the lawbreaker and potential weighty reformatory activity credited to stealthing.

As parliament attempts to pass the positive bill into law which will give ladies more prominent voice in our administration framework, it is as an issue of criticalness that they start to consider the potential mischief of stealthing on our ladies. This is a reminder for our leader, parliament and every single pertinent partner to make a proactive stride in managing the hazard of stealthing in Ghana.

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